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buy fentanyl patches online

Duragesic (fentanyl) is an excellent pain reliever, but should only be used by people who’ve tried other opioid pain medications and still need more relief.

How it works

Duragesic (fentanyl) is an opioid (narcotic) medication that works in the brain to lower pain perception.


  • Duragesic (fentanyl) is stronger than morphine, works quickly, and doesn’t cause as many stomach problems.
  • It’s available in many dosage forms, including a patch, injection, film, nasal spray, and lollipop.
  • The Duragesic (fentanyl) patch provides long-term pain relief and lowers the number of times you need to take pain medications each day.


  • Duragesic (fentanyl) isn’t for everyone. It’s a really strong pain medication and taking too much can be deadly.
  • The patch doesn’t provide quick pain relief.
  • Often causes drowsiness and constipation. If taking long-term, use a stool softener.
  • Shouldn’t be used by people with breathing problems (like asthma and COPD), a slow heart rate, or are elderly.

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